Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekend Update

So completes my first full week in DC! I have enough blisters on my feet to last me at least until the next Chi O formal.

Work has been so chill. There is no other words to describe it at this point. The publishing office is very relaxed about everything, and the projects have actually been interesting thus far. I am currently working with one publisher on developing a book on presidential campaign posters, ranging from Andrew Jackson to Obama; so needless to say LOTS of pictures. I've had to do a lot of research, catching myself up in American history (can I get a shout out from my Modern France classmates?). The most fun part about this is we are actually contacting Jon Stewart to write the introduction for this book....Let me repeat myself, I GET TO TALK TO JON STEWART. So far, its only been through agents, but we finally got through and left a message with his assistant. Fingers crossed! 

One slight bummer in all this is that I do have a lot of homework I have to do; yes, it never stops does it? I am taking a class while I am up here, in addition to creating a portfolio for the program. I also have to take part in a civic engagement project (aka community service hours) through out the summer. I guess something had to bring me down to Earth eventually.

Other than slight set back, I have been getting to know the city very well! Yesterday, I was introduced to the best restaurant/bar yet in Chinatown, called Louie's, andddd came across the nicest little park (picture below). It was so nice and serene, accompanied by a nice breeze, an excellent place to sit and chill! Today we toured the Capitol, and then I did indeed chop off my hair. My roommate and I are cooking up something adventurous to do tomorrow! Until next time! :)

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