Monday, June 13, 2011

10 Important Life Lesson in One Day

Mondays blow. I need Conan to make me feel better. Or free tickets to Anderson Cooper's new show. Which ever works.

  1. iPhones suck.
  2. Google sucks even more. 
  3. Google Maps sucks the most.
  4. It's REALLY hot in DC, espcially when you are lost on your way to a required event.
  5. I never realized the importance of a compass until today. Props to Lewis and Clark.
  6. iTunes has a lovely compass app that is better than the one that is already built into the iPhone.
  7. But in reality, I shouldn't have to download a compass app, BECAUSE IT SHOULD ALREADY COME WITH A DECENT ONE. Apple Fail.
  8. It's really hot in DC.
  9. My Toms are quite literally the only material possesion that is keeping me and my feet alive.
  10. Jimmy Buffet and Makin Love to the Money should never come on shuffle back to back. I might have publicly wept on the subway.

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