Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Obligatory Carrie Bradshaw Post

This is for all you ladies out there...who I think is the only gender reading my blog anyway, but whatever.

As some of you may know, I had an interesting event happen this week. As I was exiting a Metro station, confused as normal as to which way to go, I was stopped by an anchorwoman and cameraman from ABC DC News. She was your typical anchorwoman: hair that was perfectly molded despite the ruthless humidity and rain, perfect gray suit that complimented her skin tone, and an overwhelming dose of perk. She approached me with a inquiry to interview. I began to explain that I'm not really from these parts (and yes, that's how I phrased it) so I really don't know any news. But before I could finish, she interjects with the question "What is the one thing that pissses you off the most?"

She might as well pelted me with a Nerf gun. Here I was, disorientated, hot, sweaty, and stressed out. And of all the questions in the world, she asked THAT one. Good lord. I think I stood there for a good twenty seconds, gaping like a fish in complete shock.

Truthfully, I was originally shocked to hear her say "pissed off". That is a phrase I personally use on a hourly basis, but I never use it in public nor in front of other professionals. But maybe that's just country bumpkin me coming out.
But then, as I tried to focus on the question, I honestly could not come up with an answer. It should be an automatic response for most women, but I just couldn't do it. I think I said something along the lines of "being late" which is truthfully an overall characteristic in people I don't like, not necessarily men. I quickly spat out an answer, asked her cameraman for directions and scurried off.

I have constantly been mulling over my pitiful response to the questions, yet I still cannot think of a decent answer. At first, I felt like I let down all the Carrie Bradshaws and Cosmo readers of the world. But in a strange sense, I now feel somewhat glad that I was not able to produce a good answer. Maybe somewhere down the line, someone will appreciate the fact, that I don't focus on the negative, and try to find the silver lining. Some may attack that statement as being too naive, but its working for me so far.

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