Saturday, June 11, 2011

DC Summer Playlist

Essentially what I listen to everyday on my Metro commute! I'm sorry because this list will confuse you; I'm the equivalent of a ping pong ball when it comes to taste in music. If you offer any diagnosis on my official music type or have music suggestions, feel free to comment!

  1. Edge of Glory- Lady Gaga
  2. The Cave- Mumford and Sons
  3. I Wanna Go- Britney Spears
  4. True Lovers- Hooray for Earth
  5. Boogie Shoes- KC and the Sunshine Band
  6. Mean- Taylor Swift
  7. Howlin for You- Black Keys
  8. Super Bass- Nicki Minaj
  9. Second Chance- Peter Bjorn and John
  10. Save the World- Sweedish House Mafia (SUCH a great song and video!)
  11. Knee Deep- Zac Brown and Jimmy Buffet (Makes me smile every time it comes on. Fins up!)
  12. International Love- Pitbull and Chris Brown
  13. Marry the Night- Lady Gaga (begin and start with Mother Monster of course)

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