Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day to all, and to all a good night!

I have concluded my first weekend in DC, and I consider it a massive success! However, I haven't been exactly hitting the town, tourist style. A couple of key events and developments.

1. I have quickly developed a massive obsession with The Real Housewives of New Jersey. My lovely roommate Mahssa is an avid watcher, and introduced the rest of the apartment over the weekend to this guilty pleasure. Luckily, Bravo decided to have a marathon on Memorial Day weekend. And we made Funfetti. In this aspect, DC isn't that different from my familiar college dorm. Oh yeah, and go Team Caroline.

2. We have discovered that our apartment building is a fishbowl, with another huge apartment across the street. Built only within the past year, there are LOTS of windows. While this might cause some problems, our apartment has developed a fun new game, creating life stories for the inhabitants of the apartment complex across the street. We have "made friends" with Eugine and Sydney Phillips who like to smoke cigars on their patio, and wife-beater-wearing Dwayne who lives two floors down. However, we think Dwayne is on to our game; he waved at us just now.

3. We did go out an venture into the world of the Smithsonian, conquering the National Museum of American History and the Natural History Museum. We figured that if we visit at least two Smithsonians a week, we will evetually get to all NINETEEN by the end of the summer. Lehgo!

Tomorrow is my first day at the Library of Congress! No lie, I am quite nervous! New posts shall come!

My roomates, Anastasia, Mahssa, and I out and about today!

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