Thursday, May 26, 2011

Planes, Trains, and Automobile

We are defiantly not in Kansas. My first couple of days in Washington have been amazing. So amazing that this may cause some problems when I have to come back in August.

Time has flown so quickly! It was only March I even learned this program existed. It was only two weeks ago that I finished exams. And its been only two days since I got on my first ever plane ride and made my way up here. But now that I am settled in, do me a solid Time, and slow down. I never want this to end!

I have already learned quite a lot on this trip. I had a touchy encounter with TSA (they took my deodorant, jerks), and had a memorable adventure on the Metro (people here don't listen to my Southern drawl of "excuse me"). But I see it as a rip-the-Band-Aid-off moment; it had to happen at sometime, and I'm glad it happened early on. 

I'm not gonna lie, but my apartment may spoil me. Its new, clean, and spacious! My roommates are amazing; I got lucky once again! One roomie, Anastasia, is from Boston and will be working at the Department of Defense (she'll know the nuke codes next week). My other roomie is Mahssa and she is from Georgia. She will be working for TASSC, which is a torture awareness organization. We have already done extensive research into fun DC activites (all for free of course). Washington better watch it :)

Orientation was at the World Bank this morning (legit). Orientation is still not over, nor have I started my internship yet. So more blogging goodies to come, mes amis!

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